Positivity it’s what’s in style!


So here I am, bloggin’ yeah that’s right, I left out the G,


Ah, well failed attempt at humor aside, I’ve decided to blog now, I can’t always do my video diary like I’d like to, but this I can do most everyday I guess.

SO what’s on the menu today yoga freaks?


Let’s talk about…hmmm, surrounding yourself with positivity.  It’s kind of overlooked in this day I think, just how positive attitudes can really affect our lives. Now I know that there at times that are just down right shitty, it’s part of living, it’s been said once that to live is to suffer in some form.  While that may be true to a degree, it doesn’t mean we can’t at least strive to have positive things happen in our lives.  It’s not something that I need to bring statistics into, I mean when you watch a heartwarming news story, or see something good happen in everyday life, you feel better.  I mean just someone turning to you and smiling and just being friendly can change your whole day.  I know it’s been that way for me, and let’s go a step further, because when something happens to you that’s positive, I know that somewhere in your being, something want’s to pay it forwards, just a little bit.  I mean think about it, your Barista at Starbucks, when handing you your coffee, just doesn’t say “have a nice day” but she goes the extra mile and says “I hope you have the best day ever!” breaking that uniform response, and she says it with enthusiasm and genuine good cheer that you can’t help but smile.  Maybe when you pull out of the parking lot and get to that stop sign, you let that pedestrian or fellow motorist pass even if you have the right of way….and when you do it, you give them a bright smile because that girl at the coffee shop, just just brightened your day.  Positivity can be contagious let me tell you.

So in life, we can all strive for that, brightening up your day and someone else’s day, it’s a good feeling, even when you’re down, overcoming that feeling and giving someone that smile, it really helps make your day better.

Am I asking you to be one of those “Shiny Happy People?” hell yeah I am, but do it at the level you can, don’t go overboard, don’t make it feel forced, do it to your heart’s content.

I know that it’s a hard thing to aspire to day in and day out, I have my share of negativity in my own life, and some says it’s just down right hard to be positive.  You only have to look at the news and get a dose of bad news lemme tell ya.  I had to stop watching most news because it was just never good.  I never watch it when I first wake up or right before I go to bed, it’s just not a good note to start or end the day.  I’ll tell you though, being a bright spot in someone else’s day, despite all the shit you deal with, it’s empowering….I mean REALLY empowering, you feel like even against the odd’s you’ve won a battle, an guess what that is?

Can ya guess?

Come on….I know you can…….that’s right….it’s POSITIVE!  It feels good don’t it?


So that’s my little dose of Vinny for the day, being positive.  Tune in next time for my next entry in this lil thing I call a blog.